Another school year is nearly over and it’s almost time for the next summer concert. We can’t wait to hear the progress you all made this year and train your performance practice. On Saturday, June 15th 2019, it is time to show your family and friends your musical skills. The final concert will take place again in the VIMAC in the 3rd district (Marokkanergasse 5/17, Stairway 5, Ground Floor). As it is not rental-free,  we established a family contribution fee of € 25,- (all participating members of the family and invited guests included) per family.


  • 4 p.m.: Children’s performance (duration about 1 h)
  • Afterwards: Get-together with snacks, sweets and beverages
  • 6 p.m.: Performance of youngsters and adults (duration about 1,5 hs)
  • Afterwards: celebration of the successful year with a drink

Due to our privacy policy we would like to inform you, that we will be taking pictures during the concert, which we would like to publish on our homepage and social media. If you don’t agree with publishing photos of you, please tell us before the concert.

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