(composition, music theory)

The winner of the 2017 Joseph Haydn Composition Competition (Eisenstadt, 2017) and the winner of the second Antonin Dvorak International Composition Competition (Prague, 2011) in the category “Best Free Work” finalist of the 2020-1 Basel Composition Competition, is a Venezuelan composer residing in Vienna since 2013.

He received his training as a composer under the tutelage of Maestro José Antonio Abreu in the National Orchestra System (El Sistema) and graduated from the Latin American Academy of Composition in 2009. He continued his studies with Tibor Nemeth at the Joseph Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt and received his diploma in Music Theory and Composition and in Electronic Music with Jorge Sanchez Chiong in 2017.

Hernández-Lovera has collaborated with renowned soloists such as:
Yury Revich (violin), Patricia Kopatchinskaja (violin), Greame Jennings (violin), Uli Fussenneger (double bass), Jorge Sanchez-Chiong (turntables), Phillip Gravogel (oboe), Rolan Schueler (cello), Aleksey Igudesmann (violin), Hyung-ki Joo (piano), Anna Molnar (mezzo), uzw.

Angel Hernández-Lovera’s work has been performed by high-level ensembles and presented at well-known festivals – including Intercontemporary Paris Ensemble, Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra, Mahler Chamber Orchestra Schallfeld Ensemble (Graz), Radio Symphonic Orchestra (Vienna), Phace Ensemble (Vienna), Kammerorchesterbasel (Basel), Green Thing Ensemble (Vienna), Latin American Music Festival (Caracas, Venezuela), Darmstädter Musik Festival (Germany), Bye Bye Beethoven (Hamburg/Berlin, Germany), Festival EntreOboes (Argentina), among others.
His compositions have been performed in various countries, such as Austria, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Venezuela, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, among others.

Angel teaches composition at the International Music Academy and gives courses in music theory for children and adults and offers interesting workshops and courses in ear training, music history and general music knowledge. He works closely with his colleagues on joint projects and is an asset to students and colleagues alike. His composition students have achieved international success in competitions and he provides a deeper musical understanding for all who attend his courses.

Possible course languages: German, English, Spanish