Playing music: quality fun time for the whole family!

At our Music Academy located in the heart of Vienna, we offer children the possibility to embark on a journey, discovering the world of music. This experience can be enriched through the participation of several family members (parents, siblings …). Being able to play music together, opens up new dimensions in the family life.

Music enhances the development of your children in many different areas. It provides support and orientation for life and helps to organize and manage the everyday routine. Our high quality music lessons are a calming, balancing axis opposite to a stressful school day. A profound music education is the cornerstone of joy, satisfaction and discipline at the same time.

A general knowledge in music theory is also an important part of our education program (theory, rhytmic and aural training, music history, basic knowledge of musical instruments).

Give your children a chance for self-expression by playing music.

For all parents whether beginners or at a re-entry phase to playing music, take the opportunity to dive into the world of music together with your children. Be a musical example for your child and set the tone together.

With music, the everyday routine becomes appealing and well-balanced.


Early music education for boys and girls between the age of 3-5:

  • group size maximum 5 children
  • diverse program ¬†for 40 min. per class
  • language and musical training at once
  • content fit exactly for the age group of the children
  • a wide selection of musical instruments
  • Thursdays at 4 p.m (German)
  • Tuesdays at 4 p.m. (English with native speaker)

Participation after application only!