Born in 1992 in Saronno, Italy, Giacomo Mura discovered his passion for the violin at the age of eight at the Scuola Civica in Milan. After obtaining his violin diploma in 2011, he continued his studies at the Conservatorio di Musica G.Verdi in Como.

As a member of the youth orchestra at the Accademia Europea and later as concertmaster, he gained diverse orchestral experience. He impressed as a soloist with the Orchestra Sinfonica del Lario in 2009. His musical journey led him through renowned ensembles such as the Orchestra Antonio Vivaldi and the Salon Orchestra Alt-Wien.

Since 2017, Giacomo Mura has been working as a violin teacher in Vienna, also teaching at the Volkshochschule Hernals since 2019. His pedagogical approach emphasizes the connection between learning the violin and developing a healthy relationship with one’s own body. Giacomo is convinced that pleasant sensations, stress-free movements, and a relaxed posture are crucial for producing a beautiful sound, precise technique, and an outstanding performance.

He is particularly committed to guiding adult students, often grappling with the stress of everyday life. Giacomo firmly believes that learning the violin at any age not only brings joy to music but also fosters a conscious awareness of one’s own body. We are honored to welcome Giacomo Mura to the team of the International Music Academy as a violin teacher since the fall of 2023.