Music lessons for adults and amateur musicians

Music lessons for adults and amateur musicians

Musically in best hands!

Adults have dreams too. We encourage the fulfillment of your long-awaited wish, to be able to make music for oneself and for others. This includes learning the desired instrument, acquiring a basic musical knowledge and discovering the joy of making music together.

Many adults believe that at a certain age, it might be already too late starting to learn a new instrument. We do not support this assumption. At our Academy we don’t have an age limit, just people enjoying music. Those, who never before had the opportunity to know the delight of making music and wish to try just for the fun, challenge and excitement of it, are more than welcome to join.

As an exclusive educational institution, we not only support your musical virtuosity up to a certain level, but let you develop to the point where you can play all your favourite pieces and melodies.

To be musically fit has only positive side effects, such as the promotion of the ability to recieve and concentrate, the reduction of fears and inhibitions, the increase of self-confidence, aural training, and the promotion of physical and mental well-being.

At our Music Academy located in the heart of Vienna, we offer one-on-one lessons. The development of each pupil is fostered from experienced musicians and music teachers. A general knowledge in music theory is also an important part of our education (general music theory, instrumental studies, aural training, music history).

Proceed into professional hands and enjoy the benefits of being musically fit!