(flute, chamber music)

Tijana Krulj started her music education at the age of 8 in Novi Sad at the Music School Isidor Bajic. She was in the class of Prof. Mirjana Grlic-Grgurov, with whom she completed the lower and upper grades of elementary school. Her great love and talent in the field of music was evident from an early age. In the same city, she completed her main studies of quaer flute at the Kundstakademie with Prof. Laura Levai-Aksin. During this time she represented her country all over Europe and the Balkans as a member of traditional folklore ensembles (Switzerland, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro…).

As a scholarship recipient of the Ersamus+ project, she traveled to Trieste to participate in a student exchange program, where she completed her Master’s degree at the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory, in the class of Prof. Lusia Sello and Prof. Giuseppine Mascheretti. Due to her excellent achievements and the milestones she has reached in her profession, she also received a scholarship from Serbia “Fond za mlade talente – Dositeja”. Besides performing with the orchestras, she also performed as a member of the Trieste Flute Ansamble, where she stood out most for her skills on the bass flute. Her tone and timbre convinced those in charge that she deserved a regular place. Thus, she spent two active concert seasons in the Trieste Flute Ansamble. She is also an active member of the Ansamble “Le Agane” under the leadership of Prof. Luisa Sello, with whom she gave numerous concerts all over Italy (Milan, Venice, Trieste, Udine, Parma,…) Austria, Solvenia, Serbia and Bulgaria. With the same ensemble she also played on the Italian national TV channel Rai 3.

During her 19 years of musical education she had the opportunity to perfect her skills in various MasterClass courses with renowned musicians from all over the world.
Both as a solo artist and as a member of chamber music ensembles, she has received numerous awards and prizes at numerous national and international competitions.
In April 2022 she started her internship as a pedagogical assistant for flute in Vienna at the International Music Academy, where she became an invaluable member of the team and gained a permanent position starting from the same year in September.