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Irina Muras

Irina Marinas is a versatile artist who is equally at home in the world of opera and jazz. Her musical journey began at the tender age of five with the study of piano. Her formal training took her into the spheres of classical singing and opera, and she acquired her academic skills at prestigious institutions such as McGill University in Montreal, Canada, as well as the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

After completing her training, Irina Marinas was quickly accepted as a principal soloist into the opera ensemble of the Koblenz Theater in Germany. There she received much praise and recognition for her outstanding performances in major title roles such as Konstanze, Adina, Tatiana, Susanna, Rosalinde, Anne Trulove and many others.

In 2018, Irina Marinas moved to Vienna, where she continued her career as a soloist. She performed at various high-profile events, including the “ Festival” and the “Kultursommer Wien”.

In addition to her singing career, Irina teaches singing, leads choirs and studies psychology. Thanks to her extensive training and expertise, she offers modern and diverse singing lessons. We are pleased to welcome Irina to the INTMA team from autumn 2023, where she will launch her new choir project “HarmonieVocalis” and work as a singing teacher.

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