Júlia Kósa

Júlia Kósa

(MATERNITY LEAVE flute, recorder)

Júlia studied music at the conservatory of Klausenburg „Gheorghe Dima“, in Romania. She completed her studies in 2008 in the fields of flute, music pedagogy, and choir conducting. After finishing her studies, she started to teach music in her hometown at the local gymnasium, and gave private lessons on the side, teaching flute, piano, music theory and singing.

Her decision to become a teacher evoke and got reinforced through the example of some excellent professors during her musical career. Júlia realized, also from self-experience, the importance and benefits of high-quality musical education from a young age. The abiding teaching experience enables her to develop a person’s assertiveness and self-confidence through playing music. Due to her musical versatility, she sehts another cornerstone for the personal and musical development of her pupils.

Several years ago, Júlia decided to join her sister Maria and the staff of the “International Music Academy” in Vienna. She has enriched the Academy with her work ever since and amazes the audience as a member of the flute ensemble “The Brunette Quartet” in ongoing concert activities.

Her motto: Music brings you closer to yourself.

Possible languages for music lessons are: German, Hungarian, Romanian